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Writing Prompt: “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” Quote

Dylan Thomas Quote

Wow, what powerful words have been spoken! I really like this quote quite a bit. It speaks to my inner strength and makes me understand things in different ways.

This quote speaks to me. It makes me think not to give up on things, to not let a moment pass by where you are fighting against the darkness by telling yourself you’re stronger than you think you are. To not give up, to not quit. To not go quietly into the night without fighting against the demons that are haunting you. That if you must go away, you don’t go without a fight.

But this quote also speaks to me in another way too. It says you are allowed to be angry about the demons you are facing. Life is unfair and sometimes the people with the brightest hearts get the strongest burdens. And this quote says that it’s okay to be angry at the lot you’ve been given. But it also says not to let that rage get control of you and take away the parts of you that are good in the world. That even though life is hard and gets you down, to stand back up and face your battles once again. But to face your battles with light in your heart and the ability to achieve forgiveness even when you don’t want to let go.

To not go quietly into the night even though there are moments where life is tough and all you want to do is give in. This quote speaks to me because I have demons of my own that I’m still currently facing.

Writing Prompt: Hopes & Fears

On the last day of 2015, this is really the perfect time to write about my hopes and fears. Since the new year of 2016 is almost upon us, I might as well mention my hopes and fears overall, not only in general but for the new year as well.

As 2016 quickly approaches, my hope is that I will finally begin my career. For months now, I’ve been adequately searching for a job in my field. While there have been moments where I’ve stopped searching due to events in my life beyond my control, I want this to happen in 2016 more than anything. I know some of my friends are already fortunate in being able to accomplish this, but I want this more than anything. I want to start my career already and start my life. But I know in order to do this, I need to continue looking, searching even when things are tough.

I also hope that this year will be better than the last. 2015 has been quite a year. A year full of memorable moments, full of things I didn’t expect to happen and full of changes in myself I didn’t expect to experience.

A lot has changed in 2015, things which I didn’t expect to happen. My Mom finally got through her divorce with my step-dad which took many years to get the process going. Also, a lot of historical events occurred here in South Carolina. The Confederate flag was taken off the State house grounds after the shooting at the church in Charleston and South Carolina faced a flood that had us under boiled water advisory for about two weeks and many people without homes.

2015 has been a year of change, both good and bad. I also participated in National Novel Writing Month this November and wrote more words in a month than I expected after dealing with a loss I wasn’t expecting. So one of my hopes now is for 2016 to be a better year than 2015.

However, I can’t talk about some of my hopes without mentioning fears. Because I am worried about some things. For one, I’m scared of things changing completely. Not because I’m scared of change, but because things have already changed for me in the last couple months that I’m scared of things turning further in a negative direction.

I’m also scared of the future. I don’t know what the future brings for me and I hate not knowing how some things in my life are going to go.

But at the same time as 2016 looms closer, I need to let go and become more optimistic. Because even though I don’t know where my life is heading, I know for one thing that everything will be alright.

Writing Prompt: Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Image

Once upon a time, there once was a young girl and her cat. The girl’s name was Wendy and the cat’s name was Luna.

Wendy and Luna were the best of friends. Wendy found Luna outside her house, sitting on the porch, begging for food. They became the best of friends after Wendy started feeding Luna.

But Luna was a stubborn cat. Gray with white fur, she strutted her stuff around the neighborhood outside as if she owned the place. Wendy idolized her and talked to her about her real life problems.

Because Wendy’s life wasn’t perfect. Oh no. Wendy’s parents were mean and cruel to her. They barley fed her and gave her hand me downs as clothing.

For Wendy once had an older sister named Charlotte. But Charlotte died after their parents beat her for misbehaving very badly. But what Charlotte had done even Wendy didn’t know.

So she tried the best she could, to be the best little girl her parents could ever want. And for a time being, it worked. Her parents started being kinder to her, allowing her to do whatever she pleased as long as she stayed in the yard and didn’t talk to any of the neighbors.

But once Luna came, everything changed. Worried that Luna would somehow destroy everything they had, Wendy’s parents allowed her to go outside less and less. She was once again locked up in her room, where she was once again barely fed until she had to beg to be given food.

The world was cruel to little Wendy. But the world was even crueler to Luna. Once Luna realized her friend was nowhere to be found, she went in search of her, wondering where she went. For days, she searched high and low, looking everywhere a cat her stature could look until she realized that Wendy was nowhere to be found.

Sad and alone, completely heartbroken, Luna stayed outside on Wendy’s house porch and cried little meows until she was able to fall asleep every night.

These meows tortured little Wendy who was inside, very close to Luna yet so far away. She wanted to reach Luna, to wrap her arms around her and hold her close, to let her know that she was okay.

But it was not meant to be. Because as the months went by, Luna waited outside of Wendy’s house less and less until Wendy saw her no more.

Writing Prompt: Winnie the Pooh Quote

Winnie the Pooh Quote

The reason why I’ve added this quote to my collection of writing prompts is because it has become one of my favorite quotes from Winnie the Pooh.

Winnie the Pooh is one of my favorite childhood memories. Along with reading the book, I watched the show a lot as a child. Pooh Bear and all of the other characters in the Hundred Acre Wood were someone I could relate to.

Like the quote says, Winnie the Pooh is one of the many things from my childhood that I have close to my heart.

And that’s what this quote makes me think of: everything that I have close to my heart. People I care about that I don’t talk to anymore and aren’t close with anymore because of certain circumstances. Though I can’t be with these people anymore, I keep them closely in my heart.

This quote makes me think of them and of loss. Of losing those you love, but still holding them close to your heart. Makes me think of everything I’ve recently been through, but in a different light.

That even though you say goodbye to someone who you can’t be with anymore, you can still hold them close to your heart. And that person will always be a part of your heart, even when you don’t care about them anymore. Even after you’ve let that person go and moved on.

This quote from Winnie the Pooh is really powerful and I love it.

Writing Prompt: “If You Are Not Willing to Learn” Quote

If You Are Not Willing to Learn Quote

I agree with this quote completely. I believe those willing to learn will do whatever it takes to learn, including receiving help from others if that will lead them down the path of learning.

However, those who aren’t willing to learn will never be able to get the exact help they need. This is because if they don’t want to learn but have to, no matter how much help they try and get, no one will be able to help them.

I feel like this quote can relate to a lot of things in life too. For example, if you are in a bad relationship and are determined to get out, nothing can stop you. The same is true if you aren’t determined to get out of the bad relationship.

I also feel like as a recent college graduate, I can relate to this quote. Throughout school, I struggled with my grades. Not because I didn’t want to learn but because I didn’t test well. Whenever I took standardized tests, I did horribly even when I spent time preparing for them.

But I was still successful in school. While I struggled with taking tests, I did well in school on everything else. I understood the material being taught and did the best I could to continue my learning. And while I struggled with testing, I never gave up. I tried the best I could to do well and succeeded because I paid attention in my classes and did everything I could to understand the material being taught to me. If I had any questions in class or there was something I wanted to say, I didn’t hesitate to raise my hand and receive the help I needed.

And I graduated from college, despite my struggles with test taking. I even made it on the Dean’s list a couple of times too. But in the end, those who want to learn will always be able to get the help they need. Those who don’t want to learn will never be able to get help, no matter how hard they try.

Writing Prompt: “Every Day May Not Be Good” Quote

Every Day May Not Be Good Quote

This image was created by chibird. I don’t own this image and take no credit for creating it.

I can definitely agree with this. While the overall day itself might not seem like a good day to you, there are little things in life that can make something good in each day. For example, I went on a walk this morning. And while for some people, that doesn’t necessarily equate with making a day good, I think that what made it something good about my day is that I have the privilege to walk down the street without a care in the world.

This quote speaks to my belief that you can find something good in each day. Even when things are rough and you are having a hard time getting through a day, you can still find something good in a difficult day to reflect back on. This thing could be anything, whether you are having a rough day because your boss at work is giving you a hard time about your job, but you got the chance to go out to eat on your lunch break. Or your dog got out of the house and ran off and you are having a difficult time finding them. And as you go searching for them, a stranger sees you struggling and helps you or gives you well wishes as you walk past.

Life is hard and some days are rougher than others. But you can still find good, even in the worst of times. Even when things seem hard and you think things won’t get better, there is always something good that happened in the day that can make all of the difficult stuff not seem so bad in comparison.

So when things seem rough and a terrible day seems to drag on in infinity, remember that every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

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