Snowy Day

Hello and welcome to my blog Rainy Day’s Books, Video Games and Other Writings! My name is Lorrane. I  graduated from college in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Writing for Print and Digital Media. As an English major, I really love words and expressing myself through the written word. But I also love reading and playing video games too.

That’s where this blog comes in. On here, I’ll be reviewing books and video games. But I’ll also offer up a variety of other topics to talk about as well, such as weekly coffee posts, poetry and whatever else I decide to write about.

I started this blog in 2015 as a means of continuing to write after graduating from college. I wanted to get some writing experience as well as see what the blogging world had to offer. But now, blogging has become more than that to me. It’s become a place where I can go to share my thoughts and feelings with those around me, whether I’m taking about the latest book I enjoyed or telling you about what’s been going on in my life.  It’s not only become a hobby but a new found passion I hope to continue to pursue until I can write no more.

For those who’ve been on my site, you’ll notice a few recent changes. Originally, when I started this blog, I came up with a name that I thought was unique, that I thought people might find interesting enough to come see what my blog is about. But after some much needed thinking, I decided to change my name completely to something I felt was personal and would stick out.

The name Rainy Day comes from my childhood. When I was little, I went to day cares quite a bit. At one of the day cares I went to, I was given the nickname Rainy Day because my name Raney sounds similar to rain. I find that to be fitting with this blog because with books, people tend to associate them as an activity you participate in when it’s raining outside. I added in books, video games and other writings because my site isn’t just full of book reviews. I talk about video games too along with write about other topics that suit my fancy.

So if you’ve been here to my blog, welcome back! I’m glad you liked it and have decided to continue reading it. But if your new, trying to decide whether to read these words on my site, please stick around and grab a chair. Make yourself at home because I want to welcome you to my site and I hope you decide to give me a follow.