Dylan Thomas Quote

Wow, what powerful words have been spoken! I really like this quote quite a bit. It speaks to my inner strength and makes me understand things in different ways.

This quote speaks to me. It makes me think not to give up on things, to not let a moment pass by where you are fighting against the darkness by telling yourself you’re stronger than you think you are. To not give up, to not quit. To not go quietly into the night without fighting against the demons that are haunting you. That if you must go away, you don’t go without a fight.

But this quote also speaks to me in another way too. It says you are allowed to be angry about the demons you are facing. Life is unfair and sometimes the people with the brightest hearts get the strongest burdens. And this quote says that it’s okay to be angry at the lot you’ve been given. But it also says not to let that rage get control of you and take away the parts of you that are good in the world. That even though life is hard and gets you down, to stand back up and face your battles once again. But to face your battles with light in your heart and the ability to achieve forgiveness even when you don’t want to let go.

To not go quietly into the night even though there are moments where life is tough and all you want to do is give in. This quote speaks to me because I have demons of my own that I’m still currently facing.