Mornings are not my forte. Any time earlier than 8 a.m., I struggle to get out of bed and make any coherent sound. I hate waking up early, but can stay up really late each night. That is, if I’m not too tired from whatever I’ve been doing during the day. 

This is called being a night owl. Being a person who prefers the hours of the night versus hours of the early morning.

I love night time. There’s something inherintingly beautiful about the night; a peaceful silence that encompasses the whole world. It’s the best time for me because the rest of the world is silent, and I can look upon it without judgment.  My thoughts come more alive with ideas that I can write down. My best ideas come to me during the night so going to sleep early is a struggle for me anyway. Because if I do manage to go to sleep early, I spend those hours in bed tossing and turning. I feel more alive, like I can conquer the world even though it’s 12 a.m. and most people are in bed. There’s something magical about seeing the days change that I can’t describe. But I love it either way. 

Whereas waking up early is a nightmare for me. I feel out of my element, like a fish out of water. I become irritable, moody, and all I can think about is getting more sleep. Getting up early involves me fighting to keep my eyes open with each second that passes until I get something into my system that can keep me awake. But once I’m up early and ready, I feel a rush. I try to do everything too fast, almost like I hope I can get the day over with. Then around lunchtime, I feel this exhausting crash and a strong desire to sleep again. 

But going to bed late and waking up later, I never feel that way. Yes, I might feel the desire to nap on those days, but I’m usually more well-rested. I feel ready to conquer the world and my thoughts aren’t quite as scatter brained. I’m also not as irritable or cranky to those around me. I find my imagination quite more alive, find it much easier to write all my thoughts down. I don’t know how to explain it, but there’s something magical about the night to me. I don’t know if it’s due to the beauty of the moon or because it’s so peaceful and quiet outside. What I do know though is that I love it and that I’ll probably always be a night owl.