I've Seen Better Days Quote

For me, today has been a pretty good day so far. I know that I could be doing a little better, but I’ve seen worse days before.

That’s what seeing this quote makes me think of. Reflecting on the day I’m experiencing so far and think about all of the days I’ve gone through before. And today, has not been a very bad day.

I agree with this quote because it makes me appreciate life. I might not always appreciate the things I currently have, but this quote reminds me to be strong and push on. Things might not exactly be the way I want them, but at least I have another day ahead of me to face.

Things in life didn’t turn out the way I expected them to, but I at least still have a life left to live. I feel pain about things I can’t change, have no control over, but I at least have things left to care about. I have family and friends even if my group of people is smaller than I ever expected it to get.

I am blessed because things have been worse in my life before. While I’m experiencing pain and loss over something I can’t control, my life used to be much harder. There used to be moments before in my life where I never knew what day I was going to face. Where the possibility of the day I was in being my last day to exist wouldn’t have completely shocked me.

I am blessed because I am alive. I have problems in my life, but so does everyone else. And while I don’t necessarily have everything I want, I at least have the essential things in life everyone needs to live. I at least wake up with a home, a family, food on the table, and clothes to wear. Some people aren’t so fortunate so I definitely know I am blessed.

I am blessed because while things aren’t perfect, I at least have things to care about and people I can rely on. I am extremely thankful for the things I’ve been given because I know things in my life could’ve turned out differently. I could be dead right now with no one the wiser, or have no family and have to survive in this cruel world.

But I am alive and there are people who care about me. I might sometimes feel down in the dumps as if things in life won’t get better, but I know they will. Things might seem hard for me right now, but I know that everything will be alright. I will get through this mess called life and push on like I always do.

Because while my life might not be perfect, I am blessed for the things I do have. Because I have seen worse days and know that I will be alright in the end.