Never Give Up Quote

Oh, wow. I feel as if these writing prompts know exactly what I need whenever I need them.

I feel like this quote speaks to me right now. Because there are many times I just want to give up. On everything: Life, love, happiness—everything and anything that is possible. On things I didn’t know I had until they are gone.

But there are multiple ways to look at things. And with this quote, I hope to look at things with a set of fresh eyes.

Every moment and day of life offers up something new. A new experience, a new chapter, a new incident. A new friend, a new enemy, a new relationship—the list goes on to infinity and beyond. But with each experience, you learn a valuable lesson. What that lesson is you don’t know at first until you reflect back on what’s happened. Each moment of life is a lesson that you can learn something from.

But it is what you take away from that lesson that matters. Things might seem tough and sometimes you feel like even giving up. You think “oh, things would be so much easier if I just gave up on this,” or “I wish I’d done something differently so I wouldn’t have to deal with this.”

BUT, you have to deal with things. Life throws curveballs that you just can’t avoid. You have to deal with them, it isn’t an option.

But the way you choose to deal with them is what truly matters. If you choose to face your problems head on, good for you. If you choose to avoid them in the hope they’ll go away, that’s your choice too. Every day is a new opportunity. To continue facing your problems, to continue avoiding them, or even to start over from the beginning and make the most of the situation you are facing.

All of the choices you make in life are up to you.

But whatever you do, don’t give up. Life might seem hard and sometimes even unbearable, but you can get through it. If you put your mind to it, you can get through it. Hell, you can get through anything if you put your mind to it.

Life is also an opportunity. To learn from your experiences, to grow and become an even better person. To turn things around for the better and give things a second chance.

Things in life don’t always turn out the way you wanted or hoped they would. But that’s life. Things don’t always happen the way you want them to.

But each day is a new beginning. A new chance to make things better for yourself and move on from the past into a bigger and brighter future.