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What I Hope 2019 Brings For Me

2019 Happy New Year

“Take a leap of faith and begin this wonderous new year by believing. Believe in yourself. And believe that there is a loving source—a sower of dreams—just waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true.” -Sarah Ban Breathnach

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing alright and that the start of 2019 has treated you well. Personally, I’m excited about this year right now because I recently just bought myself a new laptop that was giving me issues, which I’ve since resolved. So this’ll be the very first blog post I’ve written on here since I bought it, which makes me really happy.

For me, 2018 started off with loss then became a better year closer to the end with new opportunities I never expected to be within reach. The summer was the most difficult part of 2018 because my partner lost someone very close to him who I was just starting to really get to know. So as the year went on, we dealt with that loss together, which resulted in further strengthening our now two-year relationship. While I know losing someone you care about is never easy, I believe we’ll both get through this together and come out stronger as a couple.

2018 did have some good moments for me too though. There was definitely a lot of change as my grandmother in Pennsylvania sold her home and moved to a retirement community in Florida. But I also experienced change myself with a new job opportunity I never expected. While I’m still getting acquainted at my new job with how everything works, I truly believe this opportunity will benefit me in the long run with more job experience and lead me closer to my dreams.

While I haven’t been reading and writing (on my blog and outside of my blog) as much as I’d have liked in 2018, I had an opportunity with my writing I didn’t expect which still has me awestruck. One of my poems is published in an anthology, which you can order off of Amazon and on Kindle. In 2018, I officially became an author and I can’t be any more pleased by it because it’s something I definitely didn’t expect to happen for me. Having my writing published to where other people can read something I’ve written is a huge dream of mine. So by having my poem published, I feel like I’ve accomplished one of my dreams, though I hope it’s only the beginning of what’s to come with my writing.

So while I didn’t accomplish everything I’d hoped to accomplish in 2018, I definitely feel proud of what I achieved last year and am thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given.

For 2019, I hope this new year will be more fulfilling than the last. That I’ll be able to continue moving forward towards completing my goals. I hope to continue reading more enjoyable books that I can talk about here on my blog and continue expressing myself with the power of the written word. I don’t necessarily have any set goals for my blog here on WordPress other than to continue writing blog posts that others will enjoy and gaining followers in the process. My main hope with my blog is to continue getting to know other bloggers and to continue being active in the blogging community.

I truly hope 2019 will be a good year and hope you all are having a good 2019 so far. So what do you want from 2019? Please leave a comment expressing what you want from this new year.


Writing Prompt: Dreams

Dare to Dream

With this writing prompt, I feel like I can talk about almost anything from the dreams I have at night whenever I’m asleep to my dreams in a career. And while I would like nothing more than to talk about both of these, I think I will focus this writing prompt on talking about my dreams in a career, whenever I get one.

I want to write. I want to write for an audience of people who will enjoy my work and write in a way that inspires others to want to write.

I want to write because I enjoy writing. The only problem is that I don’t know yet where I want to work and what with writing I want to do.

I know I want to one day publish a novel of my own. To write a story so amazing and empowering that others would want to talk about it with those they love. To write a story with amazing characters, people we could all relate to in some way or another. To write real characters, people you can easily get emotionally attached to if something were to happen to them.

I don’t know where I want to work because I feel like that is so limiting. There are many possible places I could end up working at that narrowing my options down sounds boring.

I know I want to write. I love writing so much that I know having my own work published would be a dream come true for me. It would be everything I work hard for and then some. But where I want my work published and in what format is still a complete mystery to me.

I know I enjoy blogging. Ever since I’ve created my blog, I realized how much I enjoy blogging, writing to my own audience in a format I myself can create. Communicating with people who enjoy writing as much as I do and have their own interesting stories to tell. I feel like blogging has become a part of my life these past couple months and I enjoy every minute I get to post a story to my blog.

I would love very much to pursue blogging as a career, but have no means on how to get started. I know the first direction I need to take is a course on web design so I can get a better understanding of how html formatting and all of the other stuff that comes with it works. But other than that, I’m at a loss of where to go.

But I can see blogging becoming an even bigger part of my life. Because blogging allows me control over my writing and allows me to decide what I want to publish whenever I want to publish it. And I enjoy doing it so much now that I can’t imagine myself not doing it anymore.

But I know it’s not everything I dream about for my career either. I know blogging is something I can do so I can keep myself writing, honing and sharpening my skills. But I need to figure out what else I want to do with writing.

I know my love of writing is all I need to find the career that encompasses my dreams.

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