Writing Pen

So I wrote both of these poems in the middle of the night. The first one I wrote a month or so ago, the second one almost a week ago. Both of them are personal, about being in love for the first time and how hard loosing that love can be. About trying to let go and hopefully find someone who can make you feel loved the way you deserve. Both of these poems have been edited by me because I knew more words needed to be written down than what I’d had. But both of these poems go out to all of the women and men in the world who’ve had their hearts broken and are yet still committed to giving love a second chance.


Another’s hands on my hips,

Their lips sending tingles down my spine.


Hands caressing my entire body,

Full of feeling.


Touch exchanged,

Past words left unspoken.


All past loves completely forgotten.


Living today like it’s your last tomorrow.


Forgetting the past,

Burying the present,

And living the future.


Broken love left behind,

Yet not completely forgotten.


Feeling like your cheating,

The sense of guilt overwhelming.


You want to cry,

But feel completely dead inside.


Feel as if you made a big mistake,

But know you can’t go back.


It’s too late.

So much has already changed.


But then realized,

This was all meant to be.


So you hold comfort in the solace of another’s embrace,

And let go of all you couldn’t change.



I’m not the same with him

As I was around you.


Part of that is a broken heart,

Abused due to you.


It’s hard to trust other men

When all they’ve done is cheated and lied.


Made promises unkept,

Broken without batting a lash.


I don’t regret the way I feel.

What I regret was ever loving you.


For all the things you’d said.

For all the things you’d do.


I thought you’d felt the same,

But all you had was empty words.


Made promises you’d never planned to keep,

Made me feel as if I was everything to you.


And then you left,

No real explanation given.


Just packed up to go,

Leaving me behind, broken and confused.


Now many months have passed,

And I’ve learned my lesson.


I’ve let go, become guarded,

All thanks to you.


But I don’t know how I feel,

About the person I’ll become.


Being guarded around others,

Isn’t necessarily what I’d call fun.


It leads people down a dark path,

Down a road they sometimes can’t return from.


Believing they are safe from harm,

When in truth it does more harm than good.


It closes the door for many opportunities,

Making it hard to ever open again.


Trust is rare company,

Something never fully gained or earned.


Because of you I’ve become so guarded towards men.

I don’t know who around me I can trust.


I made a new friend a couple months ago.


He’s nice and honest and everything I thought you were

Until I saw your true reflection a couple months ago.


But I’m still as guarded as I was when you broke my heart

And still don’t know how to let it all go.