Rating: 4 stars

Time Will Tell is a collection of introspective poetry from bestselling author Courtney Peppernell. Discover what it means to start inward and evolve into the version of yourself the world knows you can be.

From the bestselling author of  Pillow Thoughts and Watering the Soul comes another deeply honest and moving collection of poetry and prose, about the strength and resilience we embody in the face of hardship and change. Time Will Tell offers what Courtney Peppernell does hope, encouragement, and the beauty of looking inward.

Time Will Tell is a wonderful collection of poetry with a total of six sections/chapters that each gave you as the reader a clue as to what type of poetry one would find within. Each section felt different from the next, yet very similar as you read through these poems. I know from reading them that the main element to these poems was growth, going from being one thing to evolving and transforming into something else. But at the same time, looking back and reflecting on what you’ve gone through and how that transformed you into what you’ve become.

That’s what I enjoy about reading poetry like what was in Time Will Tell: there is always a root theme/element to the poems that gives you perception you might’ve not been expecting. For me, I wasn’t expecting to find so many poems that I could relate to like I did here. It made reading this collection much more enjoyable for me, because I felt like I could relate to what I was reading. And it allowed me as a reader to reflect on my own experiences, while simultaneously understanding that they’ve helped shape me into the person I am today.

What I also enjoyed about Time Will Tell is the illustrations sprinkled through the book. I feel like they added another layer to this book and made this an even more pleasant reading experience for me. I also enjoyed the poems themselves because I felt like they spoke to me and were easy for me to read and understand the overall message of this collection. Seeing the transformation from cocoon to butterfly was wonderful since it perfectly matched the overall theme of these poems.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Time Will Tell. It’s a beautiful collection of poetry that I would recommend anyone to read. The only thing about this collection I didn’t like was that it was too short of a read, but I feel like that’s because I enjoyed what I was reading so much. I wish there were more poems to read as I really enjoyed what I did read here.

I received a digital copy of this book through the publisher on NetGalley for an honest review.