As a writer, one of the things I struggle with the most is ideas. Finding different subjects to write about that will interest my readers and get people wanting to come back to my blog. Yes, I have my book and video game reviews I write whenever I finish reading a book or play a video game long enough to grasp the basic gameplay and style. But those aren’t the only forms of writing I want on my blog. So I post poems and short fictional pieces whenever I haven’t finished a book or spent time playing video games. 

One of the biggest struggles a writer has to overcome on a daily basis is writer’s block. It’s where your trying to write, but you just can’t. No words come to you and your mind feels like a confusing puzzle you’re trying to solve. You want to write, but you just can’t. 

As a writer, I’ve had many experiences with writer’s block. I remember having many moments where I knew I wanted to write, but just couldn’t. I’d sit in my writing space with all the tools needed, but everything I tried to write was complete garbage. So I’d call it a day and come back to writing later. Sometimes that worked, sometimes it didn’t. 

When I experience writer’s block, I feel like my brain is overwhelmed with all these ideas, but I just can’t focus on which one I want to write about. Or sometimes, I literally have nothing to write about because I can’t focus on writing at all. Both these forms of writer’s block for me result in me not writing anything down, even though I know I want to write. 

There are many ways I overcome my own struggles with writer’s block. Sometimes, I make the decision to come back to writing later after getting a good night’s sleep or when I feel like I can write again. Sometimes, I decide to use writing prompts to get my mind focused on a topic to write about. And sometimes, I just think “screw it,” and try to write anyway. 

There is no one exact way for a writer to overcome writer’s block. What works for me isn’t going to work for everyone else just like what works for everyone else isn’t guaranteed to work for me. 

Writer’s block is a problem all writer’s experience at some point during their writing journey. There is no one solution for overcoming it just like there’s no guarantee you won’t experience writer’s block again. The best thing you can do as a writer is come up with your own plan for overcoming writer’s block when it decides to strike. And just maybe, you’ll be able to write once more.