Rating: 4 stars

Among the wolves of Transylvania walks a fearful legend: a black wolf with the power to see into the minds of other animals. Fell is a Kerl, a loner, separated from his pack by the power of the Sight and by his guilt over the death of his beloved sister Larka.

One day, in the darkness of his cave hideaway, Fell hears a voice from his past calling for him to help a human child, a marked one with a great destiny. Thus begins the black wolf’s journey into the world of men.

The villagers call Alina a changeling, a creature left by the fairies, and they fear her. Malduk, who rescued her from the snows, makes her dress as a boy and work twice as hard as one. It is a bitter, lonely life, haunted by terrible dreams, until the day Alina learns some of the truth of her past. She sets out into a world fraught with danger to find her real home. And stalking her every step is a mysterious black wolf…

The sequel to The Sight is probably my favorite out of the two in this short series. I find the world to be even more in depth because we are able to see the events unfold through Fell and Alina’s eyes as well as get a greater understanding of the world they live in.

The story in Fell is very enriching. I enjoy it because of its rich retelling of fairy tales and the way these stories are an important part of wolves and human’s lives. Both wolves and humans use storytelling as a way to calm their own fears as well as brighten up their day, which is something I can relate to very well. Sharing these stories also shows their love of the art of storytelling and the written word as some of these stories continue to be passed down to each generation.

I love reading this book because of Fell and Alina’s growing relationship. Both characters belong to different worlds, yet form a strong connection to each other despite their differences in order to bring peace into their universe. Their connection to the Sight only drives them closer but can also be seen to affect their relationships with others due to human superstition. Both Fell and Alina are headstrong, willing to do anything to protect those they love even if it means putting their own lives at risk. Their growing connection only adds more reasons to love their characters and this series.

I also love how Morgra’s character is weaved into the story. She’s another favorite character of mine because of her complicated history and her villainy. Her relationship with Fell, both in The Sight and Fell is extremely powerful, resulting in her decisions in this book to turn in a direction the reader doesn’t expect. Yet, she’s someone the reader can deeply sympathize with because of the lot she was given in life and expected to be dealt with in death.

While I enjoy the ending of this book better than its predecessor, I was sad when I finished reading this story. I wanted to find out where all of the characters were after the events that unfolded and was sad to see the story end.

I highly recommend Fell to those who’ve read The Sight and want to see where his story continues. But I also recommend this book to wolf lovers and those who want to watch a fantastic tale unfold.