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Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce I’ve officially posted my first post on the site I’ve mentioned, which can be found here for you guys to read and check out too. It’s actually a post I wrote for the online class I’m taking Creators Academy.

Creators Academy is an online class that will teach you how to be a better online writer and allows you to better familiarize yourself with their platform’s tools. The class has a total of ten lessons, each divided up into readings that you can enjoy at your own pace. With each of these lessons is a writing assignment that you have to post on the site before you can start the next chapter.

Since I decided to take the class, I figured I’d start off my posts there with the writing assignments from the lessons. The first lesson focused on why a person writes and had some of their writers talking about why they write.

The first writing assignment was to talk about something your passionate about in a unique way. So I decided to talk about The Hunger Games, my second favorite series next to Harry Potter. I focused on writing about why I enjoy the series, but tried making it brief so the post wasn’t too long.

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted it to. But it’s the first post on their site after all so I know with each post I’ll continue to improve my writing. I emailed the person who told me about their site because he asked me to send him my first post once I had it published. He offered me some suggestions of ways I could fix it or how I can expand on my topic for my next post, which I found to be very helpful and definitely hope to take his suggestions in the near future.

While I don’t know just yet if my next post on their site will be about The Hunger Games, I’m looking forward to continue taking this class and working on improving my writing even more.