Okamiden 2

Okamiden is an action-adventure video game published by Capcom. Released in 2011, Okamiden is the sequel to Okami and takes place nine months after Amaterasu’s defeat of the Dark Lord Yami.

After Amaterasu defeats Yami, she goes to the heavens and Issun becomes a Celestial Envoy. Nine months later, after defeating Yami and all of the demons in Nippon, they return. The Konohana Sprite Sakuya senses the danger and tries to summon Amaterasu but summons her son Chibiterasu instead. Since Issun is a Celestial Envoy, he is unable to go on this journey with Chibiterasu and so Chibiterasu is tasked to help find other partners to help him rid the world of this evil.

Okamiden 3

Just like Okami, you play as a wolf with the Celestial Brush techniques. And being able to use these brush techniques is one of my favorite things about playing Okamiden. I like using them even better in Okamiden than I do Okami because the brush techniques seem more interactive to me. Part of that is due to Okamiden being released on Nintendo DS, which allows the player to have more interaction in the game.

And like in its predecessor, Okamiden has beautiful graphics that amaze the gamer just as much as in Okami. The village where you start off in the game looks amazing and seeing all of the familiar places that can also be found in Okami brings back a lot of fond memories I have of the game.

A feature of Okamiden I enjoy that can’t be found in Okami is the ability to use your partner to help find hidden objects and progress through the game. One of the Celestial Brushes you obtain in Okamiden allows you to direct your partner to hidden objects and switches so that you can get things that are far away from you. This adds a unique feature to the game that still makes playing it a challenge and allows your partner to be a more active participant in combating evil.

Okamiden 4
Watching as your partner crosses over to collect an object or step on a hidden switch is a challenge I never get tired of. Image can be found on Hooked Gamers.

Another feature in Okamiden I enjoy is that even though nine months have passed since the events that’ve occurred in Okami, a lot has changed for the Gods who you get the Celestial Brush techniques from. In Okamiden when you get the brush techniques, the children of the Gods in Okami are the ones who give you the brush techniques. I find this to be really cool because it shows that time has passed in the game.

However, there is one thing in Okamiden I don’t like as much as I did in Okami. Personally, I don’t like the controls when playing Okamiden in that walking around in the game doesn’t feel the same because it’s a lot harder to look around as you walk.

But like Okami, Okamiden is such an amazing game to play. I love playing it just as much as I did Okami that I can’t wait to see what more of the story I have yet to unlock.