Plants vs Zombies Title Screen

Plants vs Zombies is an action packed tower defense video game. Released in 2009 by PopCap, Plants vs Zombies is a game where the player has to protect their home from an invasion of zombies through the use of planting an assortment of zombie-zapping plants on their property. Each plant has their own abilities that allow you to defend yourself against zombies before they can enter your front door.

However, the game comes with its own sets of challenges. These challenges are seen throughout the game with each different game mode. For example, in one of the game modes, the player has to defend their backyard from zombies, which includes having to defend zombies from entering your house through your pool. In order to defend the pool, the player can place Lily Pads in the pool. Lily Pads allow the player to defend their pool with other plants, such as Peashooters, Repeaters, Chompers, etc. by letting the player plant these plants on the Lily Pads.

Plants vs Zombies 11
My backyard before the final invasion of zombies.

I first started playing Plants vs Zombies last year. However, I found myself getting back into the game with the goal of clearing it last week. While I have yet to beat Plants vs Zombies, I have discovered that there is a lot I enjoy about playing this game. For one, I enjoy watching all of my plants defend my home from an invasion of zombies. Part of my enjoyment of this game is because I love the strategic mindset the player has to get into to make sure they don’t get eaten. A big part of the strategy is choosing which plants to use to defend your home before the level even begins. The player is only allowed a certain amount of plants for each level so you have to choose very carefully which plants you want to use to defend your home.  In order to increase the amount of plants you can bring into each level, you have to buy a slot from Crazy Dave’s shop. I also enjoy playing Plants vs Zombies because I love the graphics of the game and the different game modes the player experiences. These game modes allow the player to be entertained without facing the same challenge over and over again and the graphics make Plants vs Zombies look pleasing to the gamer’s eye.

However, there are some drawbacks to Plants vs Zombies too. One of the drawbacks for me is choosing which plants to use to defend your home in each level. While I enjoy being challenged when playing video games, I think only being able to use a certain amount of plants each level stinks. While it does make the game more difficult, it also doesn’t allow the player to enjoy using the full arsenal of plants they have at their disposal. Another drawback to Plants vs Zombies for me is that playing it only appeals to me for a short amount of time. It is a game I find myself hooked to for a couple of days before I find myself interested in wanting to play something else.

However, I enjoy playing Plants vs Zombies. While it doesn’t appeal to me as a game to play for a long period of time, it appeals to my love of plants, nature and zombies. It is a game you can easily get hooked to, if you are looking for a game to spend a couple of days getting lost in. I definitely recommend playing Plants vs Zombies to the gamer interested in strategy based games involving plants and zombies.