True Strength Quote

I feel like I can relate to this quote in so many ways. It relates to me being strong, acting like everything is okay even when my world is torn apart.

There are moments in time whenever a person feels their whole world crashing down around them. In these moments, a person finds themselves at one of the lowest parts of their life. They are in a situation they don’t know how to handle and stuck making the most out of the broken pieces of their life.

In these moments, people have to act strong in order to get through their current situation. It is the best way to deal with whatever problem is going on. You have to push through it if you want to get better, if you want to heal.

Sometimes, it can be rather difficult. Dealing with a pain you don’t expect is tough. You feel emotional, drained and exhausted from worrying about the problem and trying to find a way to fix it.

But some problems just can’t be fixed. Life is tough and it throws hurdles at you that you have to overcome. You feel weak and don’t know what to do. You want to cry, give in and just collapse completely. You want those who’ve hurt you to know how much pain they’ve caused. You want to tear the world apart, deal punishment back to those who’ve caused you misery.

But the problem with that is it doesn’t help you feel better. Not at all. Making those who’ve hurt you miserable doesn’t make you feel better nor does it relieve the pain they’ve caused. It doesn’t bring justice to your pain or resolve conflict but brings about even more misery.

The best thing to do when feeling at your weakest is stay strong. To push through the pain and misery and show those who’ve hurt you that you are stronger than they think. That the pain they’ve caused you hasn’t defeated you but made you stronger than before. And has in the end made you a better person than you were before.