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I was tagged by Jia from Film & Nuance.

Thank you for tagging me and I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Would’ve written this a lot earlier if I were more observant on WordPress. But I guess that can’t be helped now. I’ve written letters to myself in the past. In middle school, my one teacher had us write a letter for our high school selves and it was really interesting to see what I’d written and I think it would be cool to reflect on this tag a year from now to see how different things have changed.


  • Tag it under ‘DearFutureMeTag’
  • Write a letter to yourself to read again in a year’s time. You can answer if you would like.
  • Nominate other bloggers, as many as you like at the end of this post.

Dear Future Me,

I know a lot has probably changed in the past year, but I am so proud of you. 2015 was such a tough year for you and while 2016 so far has been pretty good if not better, I’m still proud that you’ve made it this far in life.

Even though there isn’t a whole lot going on for you right now. I mean, you’re working and that’s nice and all, but you’re not using the degree you spent all that time in college to get.

Okay, I know I’m being a little harsh on you. After all, I’ve finally started really getting back into writing again, making it a habit in my life like it used to be before I got so busy with college and life that I couldn’t keep up with it. And I started this blog in July last year and quickly realized how much I enjoy blogging.

But I don’t know—I think I’m just getting discontent with how things in life are right now. I mean, work at the dining hall is okay, but I’m not enjoying it.

But that’s because you’re ready for things to change. To be somewhere different, doing something different with your life.

I don’t know why, but I’m ready for things to change. And I know they will. We just need to remember to be patient and push on until they do.

But hey, this year hasn’t been too bad so far. Laney mentioned a couple weeks ago about buying a PlayStation 4 in the near future and we will finally be going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter very soon. Though, since I’m talking to future you, I bet you’ve already been there and as I write this are soaking in those happy moments in Florida. As well as enjoying those moments you’ve spent playing the new video games you bought on the PlayStation 4 with big sissy.

Though I know chances are that you’re trying to forget what happened in May as well. Not going to Tommy’s graduation from college in Georgia, but the fact that you were in the same state as the ex who broke my heart almost four months ago. Though I know the chances of me running into him are probably slim to none, I know I probably felt all sorts of feelings at the time. And as I sit here typing all of this out, I try not to think of what all could’ve happened. Though I know you already know and are probably in a certain state of mind right now at his mention. Whatever feeling that is, don’t tell me. I’ll know soon enough either way. But I am a strong person. So whatever feelings you’re having, I know I’ll be okay either way.

After all, you’re a very talented person. Besides continuing to write, you’ve also been doing a lot of coloring too. I know a lot of people might think that sounds funny, but they just don’t understand how enjoyable and destressing it can actually be. Right now, I’ve been coloring in my Harry Potter coloring book Laney bought for me for Christmas. I’m coloring the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry house crests. So far, I’ve completed our house Ravenclaw and the Hufflepuff crest.  I’m working on the Gryffindor one now.

I also just recently finished reading Where She Went and will be writing my review tomorrow.

Okay, future me. I think I’ve rambled on long enough.

But before I forget, there’s one more thing I must say to you.

Even when things get tough, keep pushing on. Don’t let life get you down and remember that you have friends all around you that really care about you.

So please, stay strong future me. Because I know I am.


Raney Simmon

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