Night time is my favorite time of the day. I like it because it is one of the only times really during the day where the sky is perfectly clear and the moon is out. You can see the stars, glistening in the darkened sky like a beacon, pointing your way home.

I love the night because everything is eclipsed in shadow. Everything becomes darker, harder to see, but hauntingly more beautiful than ever before.

Most of my dreams I have during the night happen at night. Whether I am dreaming about taking a night stroll through a densely packed forest or thinking about life and everything else going on in life, most of my dreams take place in a world full of shadows.

I love the night because of the stars. I like looking at the stars, blinking at me as if to greet me and ask me about my day. They look friendly to me, like familiar friends guiding me into the heavens.

The night time is a moment of truth. It is the time when reality blurs and everything you think is impossible becomes possible.

I love the night time at Christmas because of all the lights. People put up their Christmas lights and they are beautiful to look at, but they can only be seen when darkness overshadows the world. They are packed full of brightly lit colors that brighten the night with happiness and hope.

At night time, I have many dreams. I dream of being one of my favorite animals, a wolf. I dream of hunting my prey, stalking them in the grass and watching them shrivel in fear as I hunt them down.

Night time is my favorite time of the day because to me, it is really beautiful to behold.