I don’t necessarily agree with this quote. Not because I don’t believe that writing involves you putting all of your emotions out there. But because I believe there is a lot more to writing than what meets the eye.

Writing is a very lengthy process. It’s not something one easily does, unless they are in the mental state where words fly off the page. Whenever you are writing, you’re not only putting your thoughts and feelings into the story/words being created, but are also creating something new. Something others might not have written about just yet. Something that is truly, deeply yours.

But you don’t just feel when putting words down on a page. You have to look into your thoughts to figure out what exactly you want to do. You have to think about what you’re doing before you do it. In order to create a story, you have to think about what you want to write.

And writing isn’t very easy either. There’s a lot that goes into it. But most of it depends on what you want to write. If you’re looking to write a poem for example, you have to think about lyrical prose and how to get words to fit together. You can’t just write a bunch of random words and hope to make a poem out of it.

The same goes for a writer who decides they want to get a book published. They have to think about what genre of writing they want to create, what story they want to tell, character development, etc. Then do research if absolutely necessary to get a better idea of the world they want to create for their novel.

But at the same time, whenever a writer is creating a story uniquely their own, they do bleed on the page. They have to if they want their voice to be heard. This occurs whenever a writer decides to write their stories based off of their own personal experiences. In these type of stories, a writer is very much bleeding onto the page. They are putting themselves out there in the hope that their audience will listen to what they are saying and understand them better. This type of writing allows the writer to connect with their readers in a whole new way and allows them to wear their heart on their sleeve.

Writers can also bleed when writing their novels. Especially when creating a character in a story that is based off themselves or is someone they can personally relate to.

The only time I believe writing isn’t so hard is whenever I’m able to write about personal experiences of my own because those are the moments when I find words easy to express.