Sailing-ship In Time Of Storm

It hits you like a tidal wave,

As if one of your blood vessels is about to pop open.


You find yourself drowning in your own pain,

Not exactly sure what to do.


You hold on to the sinking ship that is your heart,

But simultaneously realize the storm has yet to pass.


You take a few breathes,

And get ready for what is to come.


You know it’s over.

You know the battle you’ve fought so hard for has finally come to a sinking end.


Your heart skips a beat,

But only for a single moment.


As you quickly realize you haven’t drowned,

You find your spirit soaring in celebration.


The pain hurts,

But you know you’ve faced much tougher circumstances than the ones now placed before you.


And each time,

You’ve come out on top.


This time won’t be any different,

You’re sure of that.


So you get up to assess the chaos all around you,

And begin to fix the broken damage placed within the center of your wrecked ship.


And realize that while the battle may be over,

You’ve still come out on top once more.