Once Upon a Time Image

Once upon a time, there once was a young girl and her cat. The girl’s name was Wendy and the cat’s name was Luna.

Wendy and Luna were the best of friends. Wendy found Luna outside her house, sitting on the porch, begging for food. They became the best of friends after Wendy started feeding Luna.

But Luna was a stubborn cat. Gray with white fur, she strutted her stuff around the neighborhood outside as if she owned the place. Wendy idolized her and talked to her about her real life problems.

Because Wendy’s life wasn’t perfect. Oh no. Wendy’s parents were mean and cruel to her. They barley fed her and gave her hand me downs as clothing.

For Wendy once had an older sister named Charlotte. But Charlotte died after their parents beat her for misbehaving very badly. But what Charlotte had done even Wendy didn’t know.

So she tried the best she could, to be the best little girl her parents could ever want. And for a time being, it worked. Her parents started being kinder to her, allowing her to do whatever she pleased as long as she stayed in the yard and didn’t talk to any of the neighbors.

But once Luna came, everything changed. Worried that Luna would somehow destroy everything they had, Wendy’s parents allowed her to go outside less and less. She was once again locked up in her room, where she was once again barely fed until she had to beg to be given food.

The world was cruel to little Wendy. But the world was even crueler to Luna. Once Luna realized her friend was nowhere to be found, she went in search of her, wondering where she went. For days, she searched high and low, looking everywhere a cat her stature could look until she realized that Wendy was nowhere to be found.

Sad and alone, completely heartbroken, Luna stayed outside on Wendy’s house porch and cried little meows until she was able to fall asleep every night.

These meows tortured little Wendy who was inside, very close to Luna yet so far away. She wanted to reach Luna, to wrap her arms around her and hold her close, to let her know that she was okay.

But it was not meant to be. Because as the months went by, Luna waited outside of Wendy’s house less and less until Wendy saw her no more.