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Writing Prompt: “Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness” Quote

MLK Quote

Only bad can be destroyed by good and only hate can be driven out by love. That is very true because the only way to destroy one thing is to do the opposite of said thing. That is the only way we’ll be able to live in a peaceful world.

You can’t drive out darkness with darkness because all that’ll do is bring about more darkness. Instead, you have to bring light into the world to push the darkness away. This can be done through doing good deeds to show that the world isn’t as dark of a place as people think.

The same can be said for hatred and love too. The only way to cast hatred out is by showing love. This can be accomplished by being compassionate and kind to the people around you, even the people trying to bring about chaos. By showing these types of feelings, positive change can be brought into the world.

But there is a problem with our society to where doing this is easier said than done. There is currently too much darkness in the world that even if people change their actions, it won’t be enough to encompass all of the bad. Because there are some bad people too who will never show light and love, being able to get rid of it all will be impossible.

But that’s okay too. Because while there is still light and love in the world, there is hope for a better and brighter future for us all. So while there is still darkness and hate, continue to fight it anyway and do the best you can to extinguish it. Only once you have given up will we be unable to fight it anymore. So do the best you can and only good things will be sure to come your way.

Writing Prompt: “Sometimes You Just Got To Stay Silent” Quote

Sometimes You Got To Stay Silent Quote

So true. My thoughts are really crazy sometimes. I don’t know what my mind is thinking half the time because it doesn’t make sense. One minute, I’ll be really happy, thinking about something I really enjoy. But in an instant, that happiness can quickly be taken away whenever something that makes me angry or frustrated happens.

But at the same time, silence can be golden. It can get a message across way quicker than saying something you might later on regret. It can convey what words can’t without you having to worry about whether you got your point across. I often deal with silence whenever I find myself dealing with someone who irritates or frustrates me. Often with people who’ve hurt me in some way because I usually don’t want to deal with them.

Silence is a good way of conveying to someone you have no words for them because you don’t want to say exactly what’s on your mind. Oftentimes, I find myself not talking to people who’ve hurt me afterwards because I know what I want to say. But I also know that if I say exactly what I’m thinking, it’ll hurt them and I’ll regret it.

So instead, I keep my words close to my heart and wonder how differently things could’ve gone if I’d only just spoken my mind.

Writing Prompt: “You Have to Be at Your Strongest” Quote

True Strength Quote

I feel like I can relate to this quote in so many ways. It relates to me being strong, acting like everything is okay even when my world is torn apart.

There are moments in time whenever a person feels their whole world crashing down around them. In these moments, a person finds themselves at one of the lowest parts of their life. They are in a situation they don’t know how to handle and stuck making the most out of the broken pieces of their life.

In these moments, people have to act strong in order to get through their current situation. It is the best way to deal with whatever problem is going on. You have to push through it if you want to get better, if you want to heal.

Sometimes, it can be rather difficult. Dealing with a pain you don’t expect is tough. You feel emotional, drained and exhausted from worrying about the problem and trying to find a way to fix it.

But some problems just can’t be fixed. Life is tough and it throws hurdles at you that you have to overcome. You feel weak and don’t know what to do. You want to cry, give in and just collapse completely. You want those who’ve hurt you to know how much pain they’ve caused. You want to tear the world apart, deal punishment back to those who’ve caused you misery.

But the problem with that is it doesn’t help you feel better. Not at all. Making those who’ve hurt you miserable doesn’t make you feel better nor does it relieve the pain they’ve caused. It doesn’t bring justice to your pain or resolve conflict but brings about even more misery.

The best thing to do when feeling at your weakest is stay strong. To push through the pain and misery and show those who’ve hurt you that you are stronger than they think. That the pain they’ve caused you hasn’t defeated you but made you stronger than before. And has in the end made you a better person than you were before.

Writing Prompt: “If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going” Quote

Alice in Wonderland Passage

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” –Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

This quote speaks to me on many different levels. It speaks to me now most of all because as a recent college graduate, I’m still unsure of my future and what I want to do for the rest of my life. I know my calling is in writing, I can tell you that much. But where I want to go from there and specifically do is still a mystery to me.

I enjoy writing on many different platforms. I enjoyed all of my classes in school with relations to writing, such as whenever I took classes specifically to work for our school’s newspaper. But I also enjoy blogging too and getting to share my writing with the world through the web. I enjoyed the Media Ethics and Law class I took the one semester where we learned about some of the laws journalists have to be aware of when they report so as to not get in trouble with the law. I even learned how to promote content I created through social media platforms and did an internship that gave me many opportunities that I enjoyed experiencing. Everything I have done with relations to my degree I’ve enjoyed and can’t think of a specific thing in my classes that I enjoyed the most.

But I believe this quote still speaks to me. As a recent college graduate, I have no clue where I am going. I have no idea where my degree and experience will end up taking me or where I’ll end up working first once I get a job in my field. I just know what my passion is and that I want to write, even if I end up starting off somewhere I really don’t want to be.

What I believe this quote is saying is that even if you don’t know where exactly you are heading, you will get to wherever you need to be. That the road you are currently traveling is the road you need to be on in order to get to your final destination. That in time, you will be where you are meant to be even if the place you are meant to be at isn’t what you expected. This quote speaks to my belief in that everything happens for a reason. That the experiences you face are things you are meant to go through in order to go down the path you are meant to follow.

So even if you travel down a road you never expected to follow, in the end you are going down the road that will get you where you need to be.

Writing Prompt: “We Travel Not to Escape Life” Quote

We Travel Not to Escape Life

I don’t know who exactly said this, but I found this quote to be really interesting. It has to do with traveling, one of the many things I want to do one day because I think it would be a lot of fun and because there are so many places I haven’t been that I want to see.

What I find interesting about the quote is that it talks about reasons people travel. As if some people travel to escape their boring, mundane lives. But no, most people who travel don’t travel for this reason. Most people already have in mind a place they want to one day see. It’s either a place they are connected to through their lineage or because it’s somewhere beautiful that they hope they get the opportunity to see.

In other words, people travel not to escape life, but to embrace the lives they are already living. People are curious about the world around them and want to go to places they haven’t yet explored.

Not to say that people don’t travel to escape life at all. Some people study abroad or go to another country for a year because they aren’t sure what they want to do with their lives. They hope that by taking a vacation from their current lives they’ll be able to find the answer in another location. To finally put meaning back into their ordinary life and discover what they knew all along.

And while going to another country to take time off from your current life can be seen as trying to escape life, it isn’t. By going to another country, people are reaching out of their comfort zones and taking their lives down a path of the unknown.

Life is a fickle thing. It doesn’t play fair and often leads you down paths you didn’t know you could take. Traveling does the same thing. It offers you the opportunity to go to places you didn’t know you’d get the chance to visit. But at the same time, leads your life in a direction you didn’t know you could go.

Traveling isn’t a way of escaping life but of living it. Traveling allows you to experience the world through a set of new eyes. When you find yourself in a new place, somewhere you aren’t familiar with, you feel lost. Disconnected, confused even. So you explore, try to find your way around and figure out where your supposed to go. But once you’ve been there for a while, you’re able to find your way around without feeling lost and confused.

Life is the same way. As a child, everything seems shiny and brand new. You test the waters by picking up objects you aren’t familiar with and exploring the environment you find yourself in. Then as you get older, you become more and more familiar with everything around you. You no longer have to experiment and understand what’s going on because you already understand what those objects that you were once unfamiliar with are and understand the place you currently live.

That’s why you travel. To explore someplace new, to find life as thrilling and exciting as you used to when you were a child. To look at the world through a new pair of eyes and understand that life constantly changes.

As someone who hasn’t traveled often, I want to one day go to another country. If I ever get the chance, I want to see more of the world as much as I can. I want to go somewhere unfamiliar and find wonder and joy in the life I’m living. I want to travel and experience life once again through another pair of eyes that sees the beauty of everything around me. To create memories and experience life in its purest form.

So no we don’t travel to escape life. We travel to embrace the lives we currently live and learn to love life again.

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