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If We Were Having Coffee: Super Bowl Sunday Weekend 

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far and that this week hasn’t been too bad for you. 

If we were having coffee, I’d let you know why I haven’t been writing as much on my blog. I’d tell you my laptop is permanently unusable and that I need to get a new one. I’ve been using my tablet for all of my writing needs and will continue to do so until I have enough money saved up to get one. But until then, I’ll continue doing the best I can to bring some fresh content to my blog in the near future. 

I’d also tell you about work. It’s been okay these last couple weeks. I still feel the same way about my job as I did last year. But I’m actually trying the best I can this time around to stay positive and not let all of the negative energy there affect me. Some days it’s easier said than done for me. But the good thing is that the hours have changed to where I’ll be getting off work earlier than I used to. There aren’t as many students here this semester so they’ve been cutting hours. And I also did ask about getting off earlier because it’s easier for Mom and I. It saves her gas money and she doesn’t have to worry about going back and forth to come and get me. Plus, it gives us a couple extra hours to spend together at home. And so far, it’s been a really great change to my schedule. It allows me a little time at home to relax before bed away from work and I don’t have to deal with whatever is going on at work when I’m not there. I also go in earlier too so I’m not hanging around, waiting for my shift to start. 

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I feel like things have been crazy here. Not here as in my life, but in the United States of America. I don’t want to get too political on here, but I do feel like this briefly needs to be addressed. Ever since Trump has been sworn in, I’ve just been feeling a little uneasy. Also more aware of what’s been going on by reading more of the news on a daily basis. I know it’s mostly because I’m not at all a Trump supporter (and probably never will be) and because the things he’s doing aren’t necessarily great or going to really benefit our country in any way. I don’t know what’s going to happen in these next couple years, and I’m trying too hard not to think about what he’s done already. I just know I’m feeling angry about him being our president because of the choices he’s already making and also mentally preparing myself for what’s to come next. I just don’t think he’s going to make a good leader for our country. But unfortunately, we are stuck with him right now. 

Anyway… I’d also want to tell you that I’ve slowly but surely started back to reading again. Just with these new work hours, I haven’t done as much with my free time as I’d have liked. Mostly been watching some of my favorite Youtubers play Undertale. But now I’m continuing to read Crown of Midnight, the second book in the Throne of Glass series I’ve started. I’ve also since this weekend started playing the game Fire Emblem Heroes on my phone. I saw someone I follow on Twitter posting pictures of their team in the game and it intrigued me enough to want to play it too. I also was interested in playing it because I’ve never played any of the Fire Emblem games, but have always wanted to. So that’s something I’m going to do now with this game. Once I’ve played it for a little while, I’ll post my review of it here on my blog for you all to enjoy.

And that’s mostly it. This weekend is also the Super Bowl, which I’m not too excited about because I don’t like football as much as I used to. I do however have family that lives in Boston so I know they will be cheering on the Patriots to win this game. But even though football isn’t really my thing, I hope everyone that does enjoys the game enjoys what’s left of the weekend. 

My Story of Why I Might Not Be Voting This Election


After finding out who the nominees are for this year’s Presidential Election, I find myself feeling uneasy. As someone whose never really been too much into politics but always conscious of what’s going on, I find myself feeling unsure of the state America will be in over the next four years if either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump get elected into the White House.

To be honest, I’m scared at the two choices my country is having to pick from. While one candidate has more political experience over the other, they are both people I don’t find myself wanting to make a decision of which is the lesser of two evils.

Donald Trump is someone I especially will never vote for as long as he runs for office. As a woman, he’s someone I never want to see in the White House because of the recent allegations against him of raping a 13 year-old and all of the other scandals he’s been a part of over the years. He’s the type of guy who says whatever is on his mind, even things that aren’t necessarily true. Then denies he said such things even though he’s caught saying them. He reminds me of every guy I’ve ever dealt with in life that’s hurt me, like the kids who bullied me when I was in school.


The most important reason why I’ll never vote for him is because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He has no political experience and attempts to make up for it by reminding people of all of the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done. When debating, he never answers the debate questions, just skirts around them. The only real plan of his I know of is his wall for Mexico because he never talks about the issues. He’s not a good fit for president because he doesn’t care about the American people and insults anyone that says anything bad about him.

However, Hillary Clinton isn’t someone I feel very comfortable voting for either. Though I believe she’s a much better choice than Trump out of the two, I can’t stomach her being in the White House because of the scandal with her classified emails along with the other scandals she’s involved herself with, such as Benghazi. While she has the political experience we need in the White House, I don’t like the idea of her being our president. She speaks very well about the issues, but with everything she’s done, I have a hard time stomaching the idea of her being placed in such a position of power.


But those aren’t the only reasons why I’m uncomfortable with the idea of her winning the presidency. As a woman, I think it would be nice to have our first woman president. But at the same time, I think Hillary Clinton isn’t a good example of the type of woman we should have in office. Someone who covers up bad things they’ve done that have jeopardized the safety of our citizens isn’t someone I feel comfortable leading our country. If she were to get into the White House, I’m worried at the chances our country would have of having a woman as president ever again.

Both candidates are the worst choices we’ve ever had in any election. As someone who wants to express their right to vote, the idea that these two are my only choices scares me because I don’t like either one. Yet, if I don’t express my right to vote, I have no reason to complain. But I want to make an intelligent decision before I vote because the person whose chosen will be a leader in our country for the next four years.

But since I don’t know who I want to vote for, I don’t know if I will vote this election cycle. I don’t like the choices we are being given and am seriously debating on voting third party if I do decide to vote this election because Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump aren’t quite cutting it for me. Maybe the next election will be better all across the board to where I’ll know who I want in the White House for our country. But right now, I’m completely discontent with our choices and just don’t know if I want to vote at all.

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