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Forgiveness (Poem) 

When I think of forgiveness,

The saying, “forgive, but never forget”

Comes to mind.


But for me,

It’s easier said than done.


When people hurt you,

It’s hard to let go,

And begin anew.


But sometimes,

That’s all you need to do.

Welcome Home (Poem) 

He seeks warmth and comfort,

In a loving home.


He waits outside,

Hoping one day to be welcomed in with a loving embrace.


He sits patiently,

Day and night,

For some solace from the rain.


He’s silent and affectionate,

Yet loved by the humans who feed him.


But they’ve yet,

To let him come in.


Two cats watch him by the back door,

Silently questioning his motives.


But yet,

They too want to welcome him in.


He’s family,

That looks so much like them.


They know,

They can see it in his eyes.


And in the way he tilts his head,

When the humans come by to pet him.


They hear it in his meow,

When they hear him calling for them.


The two cats,

Are just as curious about him,

As he is about them.


Yet they say nothing,

Knowing the humans make the final decision.


But they know,

One day, he’ll be brought in.


And they’ll be there,

To welcome him home.

The Realization That It’s Over (Poem)

Sailing-ship In Time Of Storm

It hits you like a tidal wave,

As if one of your blood vessels is about to pop open.


You find yourself drowning in your own pain,

Not exactly sure what to do.


You hold on to the sinking ship that is your heart,

But simultaneously realize the storm has yet to pass.


You take a few breathes,

And get ready for what is to come.


You know it’s over.

You know the battle you’ve fought so hard for has finally come to a sinking end.


Your heart skips a beat,

But only for a single moment.


As you quickly realize you haven’t drowned,

You find your spirit soaring in celebration.


The pain hurts,

But you know you’ve faced much tougher circumstances than the ones now placed before you.


And each time,

You’ve come out on top.


This time won’t be any different,

You’re sure of that.


So you get up to assess the chaos all around you,

And begin to fix the broken damage placed within the center of your wrecked ship.


And realize that while the battle may be over,

You’ve still come out on top once more.


Victory (Poem)

Victory Pose

As I watched my heart get destroyed,

I’m still here standing.


Victory is mine.


Because while you’ve broken my heart,

You can’t take away my pride.


I used to feel so sad,

Of the way I felt about you,

But not anymore.


Not anymore.

No way, no how.


Because I’m not letting you,

Keep me broken anymore.


I’m going to stand up,

And cry no more.


What tears I have left,

Hold no power over me.


Because I’ve learned to let go,

I’ve given up on you.


I’ve given up,

On what we used to be.


We used to have so much,

But all of that is gone,

Because my heart doesn’t want to be broken anymore.


So watch my back now,

That’s the last thing you’ll see of me.


I’m done with this game,

And these lies.


So ready to love someone,

Who’ll treat me better than you.


Victory is mine,

Because I won’t let you keep me broken anymore.

Flash Fiction Challenge: Through a Silent River Poem

Silent Moment Image

For the next flash fiction challenge I’ve decided to complete, I’m doing Chuck Wendig’s Inspiration of the Random Image. In this challenge, you choose a random image from here that inspires you and write about it. My piece for this one I’ve decided to call “Through a Silent River,” and it’s a poem I’ve decided to write about the image I’ve attached to this post.

Through a silent river,

There is one man traveling alone.


He has no idea where he is going,

Or no idea where he has been.

He just knows he needs to get to his next destination.


It is night time,

The stars are out, burning bright.


As he travels along the silent river,

Two birds flock to his bamboo raft.


He stares at them,

Then out at the river, marveling in all its beauty.


He lights a lantern once he notices the dark,

In the hopes of bringing to light this marvelous beauty around him.


But the more he stares out into the night,

The more transfixed he becomes at the sight surrounding him.


At the silent river he’s currently traveling,

At the trees whose depths he’s yet to explore,

And at the steep mountains whose hills he’s yet to climb.


All three are beautiful things he appreciates

As a curious traveler of the world.


And as the night gets darker,

He takes in the beautiful sights around him one last time.


At the silent river he’s currently traveling,

At the trees whose depths he’s yet to explore,

And at the steep mountains whose hills he’s yet to climb.


Crouches down and goes to sleep,

Basking in the beauty and the wonders he’s yet to explore,

And rests his travel weary eyes until the morning sun wakes him for his next journey.

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