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I’ve Found My New Favorite Song: Listening to the Songs That Can Be Found in Our Heart

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I love listening to music because it’s a beautiful form of expression. A way to listen to lyrics that describe exactly how you’re feeling. Music’s beauty oftentimes can be hard to explain, which is why I’m finding myself struggling to put my love of music into words right now.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a beautiful song by accident. I’m currently working on a new playlist on Spotify to listen to. I’ve gone so far as to write songs down for this playlist on my notes app on my phone. Well, I finally made the decision to create this playlist on Spotify last night before going to bed. I was looking up artist’s songs when I stumbled upon this one song by one of the artists on my list. The song itself I’d never heard before, but its name intrigued me. So I made the decision to go on YouTube and listen to it.

The song completely blew me away. It spoke to me, almost like it was calling out to my heart. The lyrics especially rang true to me when I heard them for the first time:

                 “I let my soul fall into you.

                 I never thought I’d fall right through.

                I fell for every word you said.

                You made me feel I needed you,

                And forced my heart to think it’s true,

                But I found I’m powerless with you.


                Now I don’t need your wings to fly.

                No, I don’t need a hand to hold in mine this time.

                You held me down, but I broke free,

                I found the love inside of me.

                Now I don’t need a hero to survive,

                Cause I’ve already saved my life.

                Cause I’ve already saved my life.”

The lyrics resonated so strongly for me because I could relate to them. I’ve had so many experiences in life where those who I thought cared about me kept putting me down, made me believe I wouldn’t survive after they left me. They made me feel worthless, alone and completely lost. But after much needed thinking, I realized something important: I’ll never give up. As long as I’m living and breathing, I’ll continue to get back up again even during those moments where I feel I’ve been pushed too far I can’t come back. Because even though I’ve been through so much , and life can be so hard, you can always find a reason to live.

This song spoke to me not only because of the lyrics, but because of the music with it too. It starts off slow, then picks up in tempo as the lyrics begin. It’s also very happy, upbeat and hopeful, making it a powerful song to belt the lyrics to. But at the same time, it’s also mellow and calm, soothing like the waves of the ocean. You’ll also notice some instrumental elements in it too here and there, which give the song a nice touch. But together, these different musical elements create a powerful song that catches the attention of the person listening to it.

The song’s title is what first drew me to it. When people hear the word hero, they think of someone who they feel saves them in their life. It’s normally associated with people who do extraordinary things on a daily basis, such as firemen, police, doctors, etc. But it can also be a term used for a person you look up to, someone you admire. If you listen to the lyrics though, you already know that the song refers to yourself as your hero because you saved your own life, which I think can also be true. You are the one who’s writing every chapter of your life, therefore you are considered the hero in your own story. This is especially true for people who’ve had a rough life, but are always able to overcome their obstacles, which is exactly what this song is talking about. This is one of the things I love about this song because everyday people can be heroes too. Yes, you might not be saving lives every day, but if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

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I also love this song because Christina Perri (the artist pictured above) is an amazing singer. She’s one of my favorite artists because her voice comes out so clearly, and her lyrics are always beautiful. While she’s not the only one responsible for this song (this song is by Cash Cash, and features Christina Perri in it), I find her voice with the lyrics to be absolutely stunning. Her voice makes this song sound so real and personable that I can’t help listening to it over and over again.

I really love listening to this song so much that it’s become one of my favorite songs. It speaks to me in my heart and soul in ways other songs don’t. So if you get the chance, please listen to it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Writing Prompt: Music

Music Life

When it comes to music, I listen to all sorts of types. From pop to rock and roll, music is an important part of my life. Music is what I listen to whenever I’m sad, need something to distract me from my thoughts, and need something to listen to whenever the silence in the world gets to me.

Music is an important part of my life. While I don’t play any instruments (though I used to whenever I was in middle school), I listen to music a lot.

Music is relatable. Whenever I listen to a song I’ve never heard before, I pay attention to what I’m hearing. Lyrics play an important part in whether I’ll enjoy a song or not. If the song doesn’t have lyrics I can relate to, I won’t listen to it. The same can be said if the song’s rhythm just doesn’t click with me.

I like listening to music I can relate to. Not because it makes me emotional but because I can understand the songwriter more and feel more of a connection to the music. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. Like whenever I listen to classical music or any songs without lyrics, I look for music that pleases my ear. Songs that have a nice melody and that I can listen to that bring me peace of mind.

But my interest in music is an eclectic mix of songs. I like listening to rock and roll but also enjoy classical music, pop, indie, and sometimes even rap too.

My interest in music is a mixture because there are a lot of songs I like. But also because I love listening to music whenever I get the chance.

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