I know this post might seem silly, but I wanted to do it anyway. My older sister Laney inspired me and I thought it would be a unique idea to write a blog post about turning 23 and talk about life and growing up.

My 23rd birthday was actually a couple days ago, on Thursday, January 14th.

As weird as this might sound, I still get excited about my birthday. Even though it means getting older and getting more responsibilities, I still get excited over my birthday because it is a moment that I find myself reflecting on life. On the life I’ve lived and on how quickly things can change.

Me After Zumba

Probably one of my favorite pictures of me that I can find. Which is kind of weird because I’m sweaty and gross in this picture after going to the gym to do Zumba.

Over this past year, a lot has changed for me. In February, I met the man I fell deeply in love with attending his band’s concert that my friend had invited me to because she was friends with him. Then in May, I graduated from Columbia College with my Bachelor of Arts degree in English Writing for Print and Digital Media. For the next couple months, I struggled without success to get a job in my field only to start working in my school’s dining hall once again while continuing my search. While searching for a job, I started this blog in July because I felt inspired to start blogging and wanted to continue writing while I continued my job search. I then began falling on hard times in October after the man I deeply fell in love with broke up with me, crushing my heart completely. I used this heartache in November when I began writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month The Swan & the Crow in the hope that writing about my experience would start me on the path to heal. And I definitely feel like it made a difference because it allowed me the opportunity to distract my thoughts from reality and get through the pain I was experiencing. However, I didn’t heal completely from it and am still working on that to this day, though I’m much closer to it now than I was then.

It wasn’t until December that I really felt life was finally turning around for the better. The time I had off from work for Christmas helped because I got to spend time with my lovely family and realized I have everything I need. I realized it was time to begin letting my anger, frustration, and sadness go and to forgive him, despite everything. To realize that being single is okay because I might not be ready to spend the rest of my life with someone just yet.

And as weird as this might sound, thinking about my birthday brought some of these thoughts on. Made me optimistic about the months to come and hopeful that life isn’t over for me just because I’m not in a relationship right now.

My birthday has a weird way of bringing out the best in me. Puts a light pep in my step and allows me to see what’s coming next in my life in a whole new light.

CC Graduation Image with Maria

A picture of me with my friend Maria after graduation.

I also get excited about my birthday because it is the celebration of life. Of getting the chance to live another year longer, getting to reach an age some people don’t necessarily get the chance to experience and being thankful for getting to this point in life.

Yes, being an adult is hard and I don’t have my life completely together just yet. I still don’t have a job in my field, getting the opportunity to write, but I do still have a job and a home to live in while I search along with a supportive family and friends who care about me.

But despite that my life isn’t completely perfect, I still have a reason to celebrate life. In the end, that’s what really matters and is a good reason to celebrate.

So Happy 23rd Birthday to me and may you all enjoy the month of January!