If You Are Not Willing to Learn Quote

I agree with this quote completely. I believe those willing to learn will do whatever it takes to learn, including receiving help from others if that will lead them down the path of learning.

However, those who aren’t willing to learn will never be able to get the exact help they need. This is because if they don’t want to learn but have to, no matter how much help they try and get, no one will be able to help them.

I feel like this quote can relate to a lot of things in life too. For example, if you are in a bad relationship and are determined to get out, nothing can stop you. The same is true if you aren’t determined to get out of the bad relationship.

I also feel like as a recent college graduate, I can relate to this quote. Throughout school, I struggled with my grades. Not because I didn’t want to learn but because I didn’t test well. Whenever I took standardized tests, I did horribly even when I spent time preparing for them.

But I was still successful in school. While I struggled with taking tests, I did well in school on everything else. I understood the material being taught and did the best I could to continue my learning. And while I struggled with testing, I never gave up. I tried the best I could to do well and succeeded because I paid attention in my classes and did everything I could to understand the material being taught to me. If I had any questions in class or there was something I wanted to say, I didn’t hesitate to raise my hand and receive the help I needed.

And I graduated from college, despite my struggles with test taking. I even made it on the Dean’s list a couple of times too. But in the end, those who want to learn will always be able to get the help they need. Those who don’t want to learn will never be able to get help, no matter how hard they try.