Note: This post was originally submitted for my application to be a contributor to Book Riot. Since I haven’t gotten chosen for that opportunity, I’ve decided to put it here on my blog so my dear readers can enjoy what I’ve written.

I have a confession to make. Now, my confession isn’t anything deep and heavy, like anyone would expect from me. But it’s still something I feel ashamed to admit.

I’ve just recently discovered free libraries. You know, those cute little book stands you might see in one of your neighbor’s front yards, advertising you to take a free book?

Free Library Kiosks

Yeah, I just discovered free libraries exist. No, I haven’t been hiding under a rock these last couple years in case you’re wondering.

I just recently discovered them because I’d never seen one until last year. I came upon this discovery when going for an interview for an internship.

The interview took place at my internship supervisor’s house. It was there I discovered she had a Little Free Library in her front yard. It was the first thing I noticed when I showed up at her house and found myself looking at it in awe.

Now, I didn’t take any of the books out of her free library at the time. But while I was an intern, I did take the opportunity to look at it and was even given the chance to fill up her free library whenever she found it was getting low on books.

Yes, I know: shame on me. I know I’m ashamed of myself too. Especially since these beauties have been in existence for quite awhile so I feel like I’m really behind on the times.

And what marvelous and wonderful things they are too! A way for readers coming from different backgrounds to come together and share their love of the written word through picking any book that catches their attention and reading, telling their friends about the book and how they got it.

Since hearing about free libraries, I’ve been interested in getting one myself, thinking about how I’d decorate it and where in my front yard I’d put mine. Because I definitely want one. I just wish I had more books on my shelf that I could give away. And I often think: what would mine look like?