Every Day May Not Be Good Quote

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I can definitely agree with this. While the overall day itself might not seem like a good day to you, there are little things in life that can make something good in each day. For example, I went on a walk this morning. And while for some people, that doesn’t necessarily equate with making a day good, I think that what made it something good about my day is that I have the privilege to walk down the street without a care in the world.

This quote speaks to my belief that you can find something good in each day. Even when things are rough and you are having a hard time getting through a day, you can still find something good in a difficult day to reflect back on. This thing could be anything, whether you are having a rough day because your boss at work is giving you a hard time about your job, but you got the chance to go out to eat on your lunch break. Or your dog got out of the house and ran off and you are having a difficult time finding them. And as you go searching for them, a stranger sees you struggling and helps you or gives you well wishes as you walk past.

Life is hard and some days are rougher than others. But you can still find good, even in the worst of times. Even when things seem hard and you think things won’t get better, there is always something good that happened in the day that can make all of the difficult stuff not seem so bad in comparison.

So when things seem rough and a terrible day seems to drag on in infinity, remember that every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.