Red Firey Dragon

Via Chuck Wendig’s blog Terrible Minds, I’ve once again decided to do another flash fiction challenge. This time, the writing challenge is simple: the story I write must include a dragon.

So for this writing challenge, since April is National Poetry Month, I’ve decided to write a poem about dragons. Thank you for taking a look at this post and I hope you enjoy my poem!


Creatures of fire and brimstone,

Destroying the earth with their mighty talons

And breath that smells like death.


Red or blue,

Black or gold.

These creatures of various colors inspire nothing but fear.


Myths and legends,

Are told outside of campfires at night

About mysterious creatures who fly in the sky.


Protectors and defenders

Of hidden treasures

Hold secrets rarely worth keeping.


Shiny and sleek,

These creatures could very easily

Tear you apart with one mighty swipe.


With the strength of many men,

Dragons are some of the deadliest

Foes in the world.


Mysterious in their beauty,

These creatures of fire and brimstone

Eat other animals to survive.


Dragons are very dangerous,

So if you ever happen upon one,