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Weekend Oasis 

There’s a very good reason why I didn’t make a #weekendcoffeeshare post this past weekend. It’s because this past weekend (well technically Monday) was my best friend’s birthday. She had a party Saturday night then I went to the beach with her and another friend Sunday. 

These beach plans were made days before the party when Erin told us she wanted to do a girl’s night on Sunday. It turned from being a girl’s night to going to the beach because a friend asked Erin if she wanted to go to the lake or the beach. Erin really loves the beach (as do I) so it became clear when that question was asked what we were going to do. 

But before talking about the beach trip and showing off all the nice pictures I took, let’s briefly talk about the party on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Erin decided to give the party a black and gold theme so I wore a black shirt along with some golden earrings, shoes and a wristlet my aunt gave to me for Christmas. We all sat around, talked and drank. I made sure not to get too buzzed because of making plans to go to the beach with Erin and another friend on Sunday. I knew it wouldn’t be fun going to the beach with a hangover so I just drank fruity drinks with a 5 percent alcoholic volume and took baby sips of Fireball and a Moonshine a friend and I bought as Erin’s birthday present. When the party finally quieted down, I attempted sleep because I was pretty tired, and knew we were getting up early for our trip to the beach.

But sleep was hard to come due to my excitement for our day at the beach. I was really excited about this trip. I love the beach a lot, and I normally go to the beach with family, not friends. I’ve never actually done something like this before, gone on a full day trip with friends. And we were going to the beach of all places, one of my favorite places to go to when the weather is nice. So sleep was hard to come by for me that night, even knowing I’d be getting up at a time that doesn’t agree with me at all.

But Sunday was perfect. Despite the time I went to bed, I didn’t feel worn out because I was too excited about this trip to care. Erin and I left for the beach, following Karie in her sister’s car who she was taking to her parent’s house along the way to our destination. While driving, Erin turned up her music, and we belted the lyrics to the songs that came on and talked until we arrived at Karie’s parents home. We used that time to take a potty break before Karie drove us the rest of the way to Isle of Palms. 

Once there, we grabbed our stuff out of the car and walked to the beach. We found a spot to place our belongings and began the process of unpacking our things. I then applied some sunscreen (not that it really helped, which I’ll talk about later) before lying down on the beach.

In that moment as I laid down and closed my eyes, a sense of peace washed over me. I could hear all the sounds of the ocean surrounding me, from the sounds of the waves crashing along the shore to the birds flying above, calling each other in birdsong. I felt the wind brushing up and down my body and smelled the salty air of sand and sea as I laid there and let the sun wash over me. I felt a sense of tranquility hard to describe in words, but that I knew would encompass this moment I was on the beach in my heart. I knew this moment would eventually pass, but I just allowed myself time to enjoy it. 

After a little bit of lying down, we went in the water to cool down and let the waves wash over us. We went a little far out, but I didn’t go quite as far because my bottoms wanting to fall off me. It was as if they wanted to expose my butt to the rest of the world, which sounds pretty comical when you think about it. But I stayed in the water anyway, and adjusted my bikini bottom straps in the hope that my bottoms would stay on me. Though there were a couple close calls in that moment so I eventually got out of the water and went back to our spot on the beach. Karie and Erin both got out of the water shortly after to dry off before we went walking on the beach to search for some seashells. 

It was nice to walk along the beach together, looking along the ground for shells. We stuck together, watching our footprints in the sand, and observing the carcasses of the dead jellyfish and crabs we saw along the way. I saw some nice shells on our path, but didn’t take too many because I didn’t really have a safe place to put them for the trip back. My favorite shell actually broke into three pieces, so I had to throw it away when I got home, which was a bummer.
My picture of the seashells I got at the beach Sunday. Decided to put them on my bookshelf in my room because I knew they’d look nice there.

We eventually headed back to our spot on the beach when we got tired of walking. We also were starting to get hungry so we used this moment to grab some food before continuing to enjoy our time on the beach. I ate a double cheeseburger with fries and Coke, which tasted delicious, though the fries would’ve tasted better if they had Ketchup. Once we were done with our food, we headed back to enjoy what little time we had left. Once again, we laid down on the beach to get more sun, then went in the water one last time. The water didn’t feel quite as cold as when we went in earlier, which was nice. 

Moments later, we got out of the water and went back to our stuff. I quickly dried myself off before packing everything together and headed back to Karie’s car. We put our stuff in her trunk and covered the seats we’d be sitting on in her car with towels. But we didn’t leave right away because we decided to explore some of the shops near the beach, and then grab some ice cream before heading home. It was apparent we all were enjoying our time at the beach, and didn’t want to leave because we took our time in the shops, looking at all the stuff they had and commenting on items we thought were cute or were possibly interested in buying. All three of us ended up buying something at the very last store we went into. I bought myself this really pretty green/emerald colored necklace that caught my attention with its beauty. It was also very inexpensive, something I could easily afford with the money I had on me. 

Once we were done buying our purchases, we went searching for somewhere to get ourselves some ice cream. We ended up driving to Sonic because the places we originally wanted to go to were either too expensive or out of business and bought milkshakes. Then, we headed home in silence because we were all tired by this point. 

It was quite an enjoyable trip. One of the best trips I’ve had in my life, a moment in time with friends I know I’ll hold in my memories for the rest of my life. Probably one of the best trips I’ve taken to the beach and that I know I’ll never forget. 

The only downside from this trip I’ve experienced is that I badly gotten sunburned. Everywhere except for my arms, shoulders, and the parts of my body covered by my bikini have been stung by the sun’s rays. It’s to the point where I’ve been putting on sunburn relief in the hopes of getting the burns to slowly fade away. Hopefully, I can get these burns to go away so my body doesn’t ache every time I move. But right now, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

If We Were Having Coffee: Life Lessons at 24

Welcome to my first coffee post of 2017! My birthday was this weekend so I figured it’d only be fitting to use a coffee cake image for this post. I hope you all are enjoying 2017 so far. 

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I officially started back to work this past week. So far, it’s been okay. It’s actually been pretty slow there so most of our hours are being cut. I don’t mind too much though because I’ll be working from 8:30 to 5:30 instead of my usual 10:30 to 7:00. So I’ll actually be getting done earlier, exactly like I wanted. I also haven’t been stressing out too much about the problems at work since I’ve been back, which has probably helped me significantly. It’s almost as if the storm has already passed and we are simply just drifting out to sea. I know having Monday off will definitely help. 

I think what’s helped though was I had time off away from work. Speaking of which (if I haven’t already), Christmas break went well. My grandmother was down through all of it so I spent my days with her doing whatever she wanted, whether it be baking cookies or decorating the Christmas tree. It was nice seeing her, even when she was getting on my nerves like she sometimes tends to do. The only disappointment with Christmas break has been my laptop. First my Internet connection wasn’t fully functional, now my charger doesn’t work anymore. So that’ll need to be taken care of at some point. Hopefully, I’ll just need to get a new charger and not have to replace it completely. But for now, I’ve been using my tablet for all my Internet needs, including my blog posts. And it’ll continue to be that way until the laptop situation is handled. 

Speaking of writing, I have some news for the new year. The platform I’ve been using for some of my video game posts and other posts, Creators is creating another platform. It’s going to be for Indie gaming and is going to be a great way for gamers and developers to interact with each other. If you want to know what I’m talking about, here you go. Anyway, I received an email after I signed up about that they are looking for writers and people to interact in the community, to email back if your interested. So I emailed back letting them know I’m definitely interested. So I’ll be doing that now too, which is really cool and exciting to me. This platform is supposed to launch this month so I can’t wait to see how this’ll work out for me. I think it’ll be an amazing opportunity to be able to write about one of my passions and hopefully make good connections within the video gaming industry. If you want to see some of my posts already on the Creators platform (some of which aren’t on my blog because I’m taking their Creators Academy course to become a Verified Creator), here is the link. 

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I feel like I’m doing well with writing more this year. I’ve already written so much and we’ve just gotten halfway through January. And this is just the beginning. I saw a Flash Fiction Challenge the other day I’m very interested in doing. I’m not going to spoil you with the details because I want you to read it. All I’ll say is it’s probably going to be super personal. Either way, expect that to come as soon as I publish this coffee post because that’s what I want to write about next. Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue writing at this magnitude, but only time will tell. 

I’d like to also tell you that I think I’ll reach my reading goal for this year. Already, I’ve finished reading Lair of Dreams and The Book Jumper and am getting started with Crown of Midnight, the second book in the Throne of Glass series. I’ve also recently been playing The World Ends With You and just recently finished watching A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. I plan on continuing to play this game and watch Criminal Minds whenever the mood sets me. 

I know I’ve already mentioned my birthday, but with getting older, I usually like to quickly reflect on what I think I’ve learned. What I can currently say about being 23 is that there were quite a bit of ups and downs. I know a part of my problem was that I was stressing out about work too much. To the point where it affected me emotionally both on and off the job. I also had a new friendship begin to form that’s continuing to grow in completely unexpected ways. At the age of 23, I was also struggling to continue to let my broken heart heal, to let go of the past and embrace the future and just not worry about things too much. In essence, I was somewhat emotionally unbalanced and reaching to my breaking point. 

But after some much needed thinking, I’ve been looking at things with a different perspective. And I’ve come to realize that there are only so many things that I can control. What other people do or say is beyond my control. How I react to situations is what matters. So what I’m hoping to do now that I’m 24 is not let things easily get to me. To try and stop the unneeded drama at work from  causing me stress and continue to realize I can’t please everybody. 

I’ve also come to realize I’m much stronger than I think. That I’m going to be alright even when things seem dark in the world. That my dreams are possible as long as I continue working towards them. I know I’m already healing and am proud of what I’ve accomplished this year alone, both with my writing on my blog and taking care of myself. I hope that with turning 24, life will continue to bless me in unexpected ways and I’ll be able to accomplish my dreams to the fullest. 

With this in mind, I wish you all a good weekend. I hope 2017 hasn’t been too bad for you so far and hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

Turning 23: Celebrating Another Year of Life


I know this post might seem silly, but I wanted to do it anyway. My older sister Laney inspired me and I thought it would be a unique idea to write a blog post about turning 23 and talk about life and growing up.

My 23rd birthday was actually a couple days ago, on Thursday, January 14th.

As weird as this might sound, I still get excited about my birthday. Even though it means getting older and getting more responsibilities, I still get excited over my birthday because it is a moment that I find myself reflecting on life. On the life I’ve lived and on how quickly things can change.

Me After Zumba

Probably one of my favorite pictures of me that I can find. Which is kind of weird because I’m sweaty and gross in this picture after going to the gym to do Zumba.

Over this past year, a lot has changed for me. In February, I met the man I fell deeply in love with attending his band’s concert that my friend had invited me to because she was friends with him. Then in May, I graduated from Columbia College with my Bachelor of Arts degree in English Writing for Print and Digital Media. For the next couple months, I struggled without success to get a job in my field only to start working in my school’s dining hall once again while continuing my search. While searching for a job, I started this blog in July because I felt inspired to start blogging and wanted to continue writing while I continued my job search. I then began falling on hard times in October after the man I deeply fell in love with broke up with me, crushing my heart completely. I used this heartache in November when I began writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month The Swan & the Crow in the hope that writing about my experience would start me on the path to heal. And I definitely feel like it made a difference because it allowed me the opportunity to distract my thoughts from reality and get through the pain I was experiencing. However, I didn’t heal completely from it and am still working on that to this day, though I’m much closer to it now than I was then.

It wasn’t until December that I really felt life was finally turning around for the better. The time I had off from work for Christmas helped because I got to spend time with my lovely family and realized I have everything I need. I realized it was time to begin letting my anger, frustration, and sadness go and to forgive him, despite everything. To realize that being single is okay because I might not be ready to spend the rest of my life with someone just yet.

And as weird as this might sound, thinking about my birthday brought some of these thoughts on. Made me optimistic about the months to come and hopeful that life isn’t over for me just because I’m not in a relationship right now.

My birthday has a weird way of bringing out the best in me. Puts a light pep in my step and allows me to see what’s coming next in my life in a whole new light.

CC Graduation Image with Maria

A picture of me with my friend Maria after graduation.

I also get excited about my birthday because it is the celebration of life. Of getting the chance to live another year longer, getting to reach an age some people don’t necessarily get the chance to experience and being thankful for getting to this point in life.

Yes, being an adult is hard and I don’t have my life completely together just yet. I still don’t have a job in my field, getting the opportunity to write, but I do still have a job and a home to live in while I search along with a supportive family and friends who care about me.

But despite that my life isn’t completely perfect, I still have a reason to celebrate life. In the end, that’s what really matters and is a good reason to celebrate.

So Happy 23rd Birthday to me and may you all enjoy the month of January!

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